Defend Your Rights In The Courtroom


“I live in out of state and had a case in Surrogate Court ,Riverhead Ny, I had to interview attorneys on the telephone trying to retain help to pursue a case in Surrogate court .Every attorney said to me send a retainer and ill look at your folder before listening to what the challenge i had and if they had handle a situation/case like mine, one attorney even said just send me the money kid i’ll take care of it. Im 55 years old.Mary took the time to listen to my case and situation over the phone . Mary said she was familiar with my unique situation and could help me and explained all the challenges that were ahead, by the end of phone i retained her. TO cut this short Mary did an excellent job in deposing witness and filing any and all paperwork that was required by the Judge and surrogate court The outcome was favorable for me all because of Mary Hartill .I am very happy with her work and the outcome”

“My experience with Mary has been very positive. Mary is good at what she does she responded to all the questions quickly and effectively and helped me understand the legal process.”